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SweatGuru launches

It’s been an incredibly busy six months. In a summer where I thought things would be eerily slow, the exact opposite happened – I joined a startup. Before I moved to the bay, I envisioned being up here at some crazy, super-tech, startup. When I did move up here two years ago, it was quite the opposite.

Since joining SweatGuru in June 2013, that early-on vision became a reality, with long hours, delirious evenings, coffee reliance and probably one too many peanut butter M&Ms – just kidding, there’s no such thing.

Today, SweatGuru launched, and is one bad ass site – an online marketplace that lets you discover, search and sign up for any type of fitness class online. It’s something that offers an actual convenience as opposed to finding something, adding a bell and a whistle, and calling it your own.

This, is SweatGuru.

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Fitness Photography: 3 Do’s & Don’ts

outdoor triangle pose

Originally posted on SweatGuru, 10/10/13

With so many fitness studios, trainers and fit-pros out there today, the team at SweatGuru wants you to get the most of your digital presence. Because of all the competition, sometimes your training credentials and how many happy clients you have simply aren’t enough. Now, you need a good visual, digital presence. Enter fitness photography – a key element to being successful online.

Whether you have your own website, an Instagram or on SweatGuru, it is super important to have great photography.

Let’s talk about 3 things you should and shouldn’t do when deciding with photos to use!

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Alchemy of Storytelling

Mark Gonzales, a well-known spoken word artist has always had a way with words. While there might be a hint of bias, he might be one of the best poets and lyricists that touches real-life issues and current events.

Take three minutes and watch his newest project - the alchemy of storytelling.

A story of poetry, graffiti, & medicine for all you who have ever felt abused by discourses so damaging & boring, when what we need is beauty.


Nike: #justdoit rebranded.

Nike’s new “Possibilities” campaign is brilliant. Using their infamous tagline “Just do it.” once more, they’ve created a whole new level of emotion into the awesome phrase.

Nike’s new campaign, “Possibilities,” inspires viewers to push their limits and strive to reach new goals through a variety of playful scenarios featuring an all-star cast of athletes and guest stars. Digital and social media activations help viewers to #justdoit themselves through a series of Nike+ challenges. The film begins with the line, “If you can run a mile, run a race, run a marathon, outrun a movie star.”  Different challenges and scenarios emerge, each challenging characters in the film — and the audience — to push themselves to new limits. [nikeinc.]

Living+ Nutrition Week on Google+

FitApproach is partnering up with Google and a bunch of health and wellness brands to run Living+, an all-encompassing community for individuals striving to better their lives on Google+ with nutrition, fitness, health and wellness. The community kicks off the community with a #SummerRefresh program, starting next week.

Flyer and info below: