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Bootcamp 2 - Christie's BC

SweatGuru launches

It’s been an incredibly busy six months. In a summer where I thought things would be eerily slow, the exact opposite happened – I joined a startup. Before I moved to the bay, I envisioned being up here at some crazy, super-tech, startup. When I did move up here two years ago, it was quite the […]

Living+ Nutrition Week on Google+

FitApproach is partnering up with Google and a bunch of health and wellness brands to run Living+, an all-encompassing community for individuals striving to better their lives on Google+ with nutrition, fitness, health and wellness. The community kicks off the community with a #SummerRefresh program, starting next week. Flyer and info below:

Remix Training: Protein Lattes

Do you need your coffee in the morning? Mix it up with some protein this week’s recipe of the week – protein lattes. Ok, at first this might seem a little strange – we admit, we were a bit skeptical also. But after a few trials and error, it makes for a pretty incredible latte […]

Remix Training: Recipe – Meatballs

Whatever your workout goals are – a higher intake of protein somehow always finds a way to work into the diet plan. This week’s recipe – meatballs. Now, we can always go back to 4th grade and remember mom’s spaghetti and meatballs. And hey, that will always be remembered as a great home-cooked meal, but we’re […]