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Bootcamp 2 - Christie's BC

SweatGuru launches

It’s been an incredibly busy six months. In a summer where I thought things would be eerily slow, the exact opposite happened – I joined a startup. Before I moved to the bay, I envisioned being up here at some crazy, super-tech, startup. When I did move up here two years ago, it was quite the […]

Bootcamp 1 - AbFabFit

Fitness Photography: 3 Do’s & Don’ts

Originally posted on SweatGuru, 10/10/13 With so many fitness studios, trainers and fit-pros out there today, the team at SweatGuru wants you to get the most of your digital presence. Because of all the competition, sometimes your training credentials and how many happy clients you have simply aren’t enough. Now, you need a good visual, […]

Fitness Week on Google+

The Living+ community continues with another week of sponsored challenges on our #SummerRefresh campaign thanks to FitApproach and Google. This week’s theme: Fitness Flyer and info below:

Living+ Nutrition Week on Google+

FitApproach is partnering up with Google and a bunch of health and wellness brands to run Living+, an all-encompassing community for individuals striving to better their lives on Google+ with nutrition, fitness, health and wellness. The community kicks off the community with a #SummerRefresh program, starting next week. Flyer and info below:

Remix Training: 5 Reasons You Need Squats

Anytime strength training is discussed, one of the first exercises brought up is squats. We discuss why it’s so important. If you aren’t familiar with squats or have never done them before, you’re missing out on one of the best strength-building exercises ever. Yes, it’s a lower body exercise, but it does so much more for […]

Remix Training: Sprints

True, cardio will help for fat loss, but running and jogging for hours might not be the best method. I HATE running. With a passion.  Nothing is less enjoyable to me than running long distances at a slow and steady pace.  I get that others enjoy it but it’s definitely not for me. It shouldn’t […]