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SweatGuru launches

It’s been an incredibly busy six months. In a summer where I thought things would be eerily slow,┬áthe exact opposite happened – I joined a startup. Before I moved to the bay, I envisioned being up here at some crazy, super-tech, startup. When I did move up here two years ago, it was quite the opposite.

Since joining SweatGuru in June 2013, that early-on vision became a reality, with long hours, delirious evenings, coffee reliance and probably one too many peanut butter M&Ms – just kidding, there’s no such thing.

Today, SweatGuru launched, and is one bad ass site – an online marketplace that lets you discover, search and sign up for any type of fitness class online. It’s something that offers an actual convenience as opposed to finding something, adding a bell and a whistle, and calling it your own.

This, is SweatGuru.

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